Is ‘Jaws’ done at ESPN? Ron Jaworski says he doesn’t know

NFL fans still aren’t sure whether they’ll see one of ESPN’s most popular and knowledgeable analysts this fall.

Authentic Womens Cody Franson Jersey Include Ron Jaworski among those NFL fans, he says.

Appearing with former ESPN co-worker Ed Werder on The Doomsday Podcast that Werder does with Matt Mosely (an aside: Give it a listen, it’s well worth a subscription), Jaworski says he’s not sure of his status on the ESPN depth chart for the 2017 NFL season (transcription by Pro Football Talk):
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It’s hard to move on from something like that, Freeman said. I don’t think I’ll ever move on from something like that. To be honest, I think it’ll always play in the back of my head, just because I know, I feel like we’re going to get a Super Bowl this year. And I feel like this could have been two (Super Bowl wins in a row). I could have been close to Tom Brady, you know what I mean? It’ll always play in the back of my head and the back of my mind.

How they move up: The Clippers’ recent obsession with older vets leaves this roster with little hope for a blossoming All-Star. When Montrezl Harrell, Sam Dekker and the coach’s son are the best bets for the next star in waiting, that’s not a good sign. Jerry West has some work to do. It’s hard seeing the next superteam for Steve Ballmer’s new arena.

How they move up: Signing Gordon Hayward helps, but he has been named an All-Star just once in his career and missed out on the latest All-NBA squad, giving him a whopping one point on this scale. He’s arguably a better player than some of the stars on this list, but no one would mistake the Celtics for a superteam yet. A Hayward-Thomas-Horford big three won’t rival Cleveland’s star trio, but they have plenty of youngsters who — with time to develop — could help in the superteam department.

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