If Trout hits another 200 homers over the next seven seasons, he’ll have 400.

Limited Womens Daryl Worley Jersey I know what you’re thinking. Give Giancarlo Stanton a bunch of illegal help, and maybe he can do it. If you think that’s a gotcha statement, buddy, I will sign the petition to make this happen. Even if it’s logistically impossible to find additional room on Stanton’s body for more beef and brawn, I am very much into the idea of him staying healthy, dealing with the daily grind better, and recovering from injuries quicker, so you’re not tricking me. I am for this.

That doesn’t mean it’s likely, though. Because 756 home runs? Excuse me while I make a whistling sound so long and loud that it gets every dog in the neighborhood barking. That is so many home runs. Take a moment to think about how many home runs that is. Because I checked, and it’s a lot.

Let’s go with Mike Trout, then, because even though it feels like he’s been around forever, he just turned 26 years old today and he already has 190 homers. This would seem to be baseball’s best chance at 756 (or 763, really). He’s on pace to hit 32 homers this year, which would give him an even 200 for his seven-season career.

Except those guys are expensive. The A’s aren’t going to donate Sonny Gray to the Brewers in a show of small-market solidarity. The most effective trade the Brewers could make would also be the one that would force them to rewrite their rebuilding plans on the fly. Which is fine, contending happens, and it’s a gift! But the Brewers have done too much work to build the farm system to get cavalier about dealing prospects.

Limited Womens Tom Johnson Jersey Maybe a couple rentals, then? Hang on to the keyest of the key youngsters, and deal from the depth that runs through the middle of their top-30 list?

They’ll make trades. It’s the scale of those trades that’s in question. The Brewers don’t know if they should go all-in, mostly in, or somewhat-in, and I don’t blame them.

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