The only full-time female scout in baseball doesn’t consider herself a trailblazer

Amanda Hopkins was hired as a full time scout for the Mariners in 2015, and is in charge of scouting the Four Corners region of the Southwest. The position made her the first full-time female baseball scout in half a century or more.

Seattle sponsored her time at scout school, and Hopkins grew up around baseball thanks to her dad being part of the sport. He’s currently a special assistant to the GM of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Shortly after her hiring, Amanda revealed to the AP, she didn’t want to turn her role into only a historic breakthrough and wanted to remain focused on the baseball and the job at hand.

With just under seven weeks of the season left, 3 1/2 games isn’t insurmountable by any means, of course. Still, it’s the largest such lead for the top wild card since the Yankees and Red Sox were tied for the AL East and the No. 1 wild card spot back on June 18, and the Yankees who will try to maintain this distance are different than the ones who previously failed to do so.

That New York team had bullpen issues and too many holes in the lineup and rotation, and it led to a lengthy losing streak that saw them fall from atop the AL East in the first place. The trade deadline fixed much of that (or at least improved upon it), with Todd Frazier, Tommy Kahnle, David Robertson, Jaime Garcia, and Sonny Gray all being added to the roster.

The Yankees have undone much of the midseason damage, are believably better than they used to be, and might already have the lead necessary to hold on for the rest of the regular season. Not bad for two months’ work.redskins_005_c3ea78b52cd22dd6-180x180

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