LOOK: Tony Romo, wife Candice welcome third son

Tony Romo is now a father of three.

The Cowboys quarterback turned broadcaster on Wednesday tweeted a photo of the newest addition to his family, saying his wife, Candice, had given birth to the couple’s third son earlier that day.

Countless Americans are convinced Colin Kaepernick’s silent, non-violent protest against police brutality is nothing more than a cry for attention from a backup quarterback at best, and at worst a disrespectful attempt to debase the flag and the Star-Spangled Banner.

In any event, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback has fueled a national debate that reaches far beyond the football field.

Time magazine acknowledges as much by putting Kaepernick on the cover of its Oct. 3 issue.

Kaepernick, after initially sitting during the national anthem, has vowed to kneel in protest of what he described as the oppression of African Americans. Since then, a number of other NFL players have joined in support of his message, either by kneeling or holding up clenched fists, a form of protest seared in Olympic sports history by Tommie Smith and John Carlos.

Other athletes profiled in the article include Malcolm Jenkins of the Eagles, Devin McCourty of the Patriots and a commentary piece by Jelani Jenkins of the Dolphins.

Smith is the highest paid 30-plus-year-old corner in the NFL and is just one year into a deal that looked like a mistake in Week 1 of 2016. Smith should have fit into the group of players earning between $7 million and $7.5 million a year with around $12 million guaranteed and a $23 million three-year payout, not the $20 million guarantee and $30 million three-year payout Smith received.seahawks_125

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