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LOOK: Tony Romo, wife Candice welcome third son

Tony Romo is now a father of three.

The Cowboys quarterback turned broadcaster on Wednesday tweeted a photo of the newest addition to his family, saying his wife, Candice, had given birth to the couple’s third son earlier that day.

Countless Americans are convinced Colin Kaepernick’s silent, non-violent protest against police brutality is nothing more than a cry for attention from a backup quarterback at best, and at worst a disrespectful attempt to debase the flag and the Star-Spangled Banner.

In any event, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback has fueled a national debate that reaches far beyond the football field.

Time magazine acknowledges as much by putting Kaepernick on the cover of its Oct. 3 issue.

Kaepernick, after initially sitting during the national anthem, has vowed to kneel in protest of what he described as the oppression of African Americans. Since then, a number of other NFL players have joined in support of his message, either by kneeling or holding up clenched fists, a form of protest seared in Olympic sports history by Tommie Smith and John Carlos.

Other athletes profiled in the article include Malcolm Jenkins of the Eagles, Devin McCourty of the Patriots and a commentary piece by Jelani Jenkins of the Dolphins.

Smith is the highest paid 30-plus-year-old corner in the NFL and is just one year into a deal that looked like a mistake in Week 1 of 2016. Smith should have fit into the group of players earning between $7 million and $7.5 million a year with around $12 million guaranteed and a $23 million three-year payout, not the $20 million guarantee and $30 million three-year payout Smith received.seahawks_125

Here’s LaVar Ball dancing to Michael Jackson like your uncle at a wedding

LaVar Ball has said he could beat Michael Jordan in a game of one-on-one. But could he beat Michael Jackson in a dance-off? It’s hard to say, but with this new video of Lavar dancing to the King of Pop, the answer seems to be of course not.

He got the moves … well not really, but his body is definitely moving. And while Lavar is going in on the dance floor, the Ball children are trying to stay occupied. Lonzo is watching his dad dance cautiously from a distance, probably in an attempt to avoid flailing limbs, and LaMelo just straight up walks away.
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And can you blame them? If my dad was dancing like this, I’d want to be anywhere else too.

However, this does make it seem like Lavar on Dancing with the Stars could be something that happens in the near future… and I’m here for that. Let’s see those Big Baller Brand dance shoes, Lavar!

Elite Mens Yasmany Tomas Jersey The other half also put on weight this summer, and not at In-N-Out Burger. Dragan Bender, last year’s No. 4 overall pick and Chriss’ frontcourt running mate of the future, also looks different this year. While Chriss projects to be the athletic rim-protector of the future, Bender is no pushover himself.

As much as McDonough believes in Chriss, he’s equally high on Bender, even after an injury-riddled rookie year limited Bender to just 43 games and 574 minutes. After all, the Suns’ GM had scouted Bender when he played for the Croatian junior national team. Bender’s passing ability for a player his size is what stood out most to Phoenix’s chief decision-maker.

High future draft picks continue to have an outsized value compared to actual NBA players.

The accuracy of how the players look compared to their real-life counterparts varies from player to player. I wasn’t expecting perfection here, though, so this isn’t much of a surprise.

It gives those people who don’t know about a historic park/playground some insight on the court they are stepping on. Those gamers asking What the hell is the Drew League? or Why is Rucker Park so famous? get their questions answered. It’s a fun lesson. The only downside about these loading screens is that I didn’t seem to have an option to skip them.

High future draft picks continue to have an outsized value compared to actual NBA players. Part of this is the nature of the beast: Stars have disproportionate impacts on team performance, and the league’s interest in boosting the fortunes of mid-sized and small markets has led to strong incumbency rules for re-signing players.
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Authentic Womens Deatrich Wise Jr Jersey But the high probability of landing a top-three pick if you are among the worst teams – – or own a pick from among the worst teams — plays into the high value of high future draft picks, too. And the NBA could fix that without damaging its quest for better competitive balance.

I explained my plan to end the NBA draft and move to a rookie free-agency system earlier this year. I also explained why it would be good for competitive balance by removing artificial restraints on rookie deal salaries and making veterans more valuable.

There are a million reasons it will never happen. But it sure would prevent teams like the Nets from being this moribund for this long. Consider that.

Steph Curry crashed a random house party and chugged Bud Light with his new friends

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Steph Curry had himself an excellent weekend in Rhode Island while attending Harrison Barnes’ wedding, which he capped off by crashing a local party and having a few beers with strangers.

Authentic Alec Ogletree Jersey Curry, along with Hawks guard Ken Bazemore and some friends, left Barnes’ wedding and wanted to keep partying — according to a report from TMZ. They heard loud music coming from a nearby house, and dropped in to say hi, as well as chug a few beers in the process.

Steph was wearing his Asia tour shirt at the time, because you never pass up an opportunity for branding, and joined the crew, spilling beer all over himself, presumably because chugging Bud Lights is one of the few skills Steph has yet to master.

I’d be stupid not to believe that that has any reason to do with why I am a free agent, Rose-Ivey said.

A BTN videographer records Wisconsin Badgers forward Nigel Hayes as he stands behind his teammates during the playing of the National Anthem before the game with the Michigan Wolverines at the Kohl Center. A BTN videographer records Wisconsin Badgers forward Nigel Hayes as he stands behind his teammates during the playing of the National Anthem before the game with the Michigan Wolverines at the Kohl Center.

It’s unfortunate that I have to pick between wanting to be a good person and fight for other people’s rights and want to play football, he added. I understand you wanna be entertained. At the same time, those four hours on Sunday don’t match the 24 hours each day I have to spend being black outside of that helmet.

The only full-time female scout in baseball doesn’t consider herself a trailblazer

Amanda Hopkins was hired as a full time scout for the Mariners in 2015, and is in charge of scouting the Four Corners region of the Southwest. The position made her the first full-time female baseball scout in half a century or more.

Seattle sponsored her time at scout school, and Hopkins grew up around baseball thanks to her dad being part of the sport. He’s currently a special assistant to the GM of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Shortly after her hiring, Amanda revealed to the AP, she didn’t want to turn her role into only a historic breakthrough and wanted to remain focused on the baseball and the job at hand.

With just under seven weeks of the season left, 3 1/2 games isn’t insurmountable by any means, of course. Still, it’s the largest such lead for the top wild card since the Yankees and Red Sox were tied for the AL East and the No. 1 wild card spot back on June 18, and the Yankees who will try to maintain this distance are different than the ones who previously failed to do so.

That New York team had bullpen issues and too many holes in the lineup and rotation, and it led to a lengthy losing streak that saw them fall from atop the AL East in the first place. The trade deadline fixed much of that (or at least improved upon it), with Todd Frazier, Tommy Kahnle, David Robertson, Jaime Garcia, and Sonny Gray all being added to the roster.

The Yankees have undone much of the midseason damage, are believably better than they used to be, and might already have the lead necessary to hold on for the rest of the regular season. Not bad for two months’ work.redskins_005_c3ea78b52cd22dd6-180x180

Reigning All-Star MVP Anthony Davis played 75 games last season

Butler’s Super Bowl highlights paint him as a boom-or-bust corner, but he’s been much more than that in New England. He’s improved in each of his three seasons with the team, rising up from a dime package afterthought to one of the league’s premier cover corners. Last season brought career highs in interceptions and passes defensed; Pro Football Reference’s Approximate Value measurement graded him as the Patriots’ second-best defender and the league’s third-most-valuable cornerback.

That led the secondary-needy Saints to come calling in the offseason, though the two teams eventually failed to come to a trade agreement for the young corner despite months of speculation.
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Reigning All-Star MVP Anthony Davis played 75 games last season, but missed 68 games in his first four years in the NBA. Jrue Holiday suffered a stress fracture in his shin in 2014 and subsequently had a titanium rod implanted from the bottom of his knee to the top of his ankle.
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A year later, he had a stress reaction in the same leg — a precursor to a much more severe stress fracture.

I know the rod’s in there to be able to protect my bone, and it’s supposed to take pressure off my shin so that with that rod in there, my leg will never break, Holiday said, according to ESPN. But to have the reaction kind of on the side, it was weird and frustrating because I thought the hardest part was over. Being injured and having to sit out, not knowing why this is happening, and then this kind of hit. It was … yeah, it was frustrating.

Tyreke Evans also underwent three procedures on his right knee before he was dealt back to Sacramento this summer. Quincy Pondexter needed two knee surgeries in one calendar year and has not played since the 2014-15 season.

In both the 2011-12 and 2015-16 seasons, the Pelicans had the most games missed due to injury in the NBA. Their 351 games missed due to injury in 2015-16 were the most this decade.

If Trout hits another 200 homers over the next seven seasons, he’ll have 400.

Limited Womens Daryl Worley Jersey I know what you’re thinking. Give Giancarlo Stanton a bunch of illegal help, and maybe he can do it. If you think that’s a gotcha statement, buddy, I will sign the petition to make this happen. Even if it’s logistically impossible to find additional room on Stanton’s body for more beef and brawn, I am very much into the idea of him staying healthy, dealing with the daily grind better, and recovering from injuries quicker, so you’re not tricking me. I am for this.

That doesn’t mean it’s likely, though. Because 756 home runs? Excuse me while I make a whistling sound so long and loud that it gets every dog in the neighborhood barking. That is so many home runs. Take a moment to think about how many home runs that is. Because I checked, and it’s a lot.

Let’s go with Mike Trout, then, because even though it feels like he’s been around forever, he just turned 26 years old today and he already has 190 homers. This would seem to be baseball’s best chance at 756 (or 763, really). He’s on pace to hit 32 homers this year, which would give him an even 200 for his seven-season career.

Except those guys are expensive. The A’s aren’t going to donate Sonny Gray to the Brewers in a show of small-market solidarity. The most effective trade the Brewers could make would also be the one that would force them to rewrite their rebuilding plans on the fly. Which is fine, contending happens, and it’s a gift! But the Brewers have done too much work to build the farm system to get cavalier about dealing prospects.

Limited Womens Tom Johnson Jersey Maybe a couple rentals, then? Hang on to the keyest of the key youngsters, and deal from the depth that runs through the middle of their top-30 list?

They’ll make trades. It’s the scale of those trades that’s in question. The Brewers don’t know if they should go all-in, mostly in, or somewhat-in, and I don’t blame them.

Cubs and Diamondbacks relievers got a little weird during a rain delay

Over the years, rain delays in baseball have ranged from exceedingly boring to more entertaining than the actual game played after the rain has moved on. The nature of delays, in that they can last a few minutes or a few hours before returning to play, means that there’s lots of fun to be had once everyone starts feeling bored and claustrophobic in the bullpens.

Which is exactly what happened in Thursday’s Diamondbacks/Cubs game in Chicago as the rain rolled in and left the relievers figuring out how to pass the time in their respective bullpens.
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In addition to visiting the clubhouse, where players like Dee Gordon and Miguel Rojas doted on Jose’s daughter, his mother also went to the seaside location of his death, posting a beautiful message on Facebook about her son.

My beautiful boy wherever you are today we are all going to remember and miss you so much. Your mommy is waiting for you my love. I love you so much my Delfy. Nothing harder than living without you my love.
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While at the park, Dee Gordon showed Penelope her father’s old locker where his uniform and cleats still reside. According to the Miami Herald, Rojas noted how much the infant looked like her father, saying,

She is beautiful. She has the same face as Jose. Even the hair. Kind of the messy hair like his when he came out of the showers. That’s a little piece that we kind of need to remember him. This is a little piece of Jose in this world.

NFLPA president Eric Winston: We’re ‘ready to help’ Colin Kaepernick

Could help be on the horizon for Colin Kaepernick?

During a Q&A session with Dom Cosentino of, NFLPA president Eric Winston revealed the organization has reached out to the controversial quarterback and made itself available to assist him in any way it can.

“Doc knows how to win championships. That is what we prioritize, and that is what Doc will focus on,” Ballmer said in a release. “He is key to integrating our new players with our returning players and taking us to new heights on the court.” He added: “Lawrence is someone I learn from every single time I hear him talk. He gets recruiting, talent development and identification, salary cap strategy — he gets it all. I know the team will be well positioned with him leading the front office.

“It is great to have two independent voices — and two of the league’s absolute professionals — working in partnership for our team. With these two guys at the helm, we will have great success.”

Rivers’ moves have been put under the microscope this offseason as a report came out that the way he treated his son Austin (after he acquired him and paid him a hefty salary) was a factor in Chris Paul deciding to leave the franchise.

Paul was traded to the Rockets for an assortment of players before he was able to hit free agency. The point guard denied the report, but there was more than one complaint about how Rivers went about building the team and his inability to get the Clippers to the Western Conference finals when Los Angeles had one of the best rosters in the NBA.

The most damning of moments was blowing a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference Semifinals to the Rockets in 2015. Rivers is 18-22 as a head coach for the Clippers in the playoffs.dolphins_008

Ryne Sandberg enjoying life after ‘life-changing’ 2016 Cubs season

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Ryne Sandberg never picked up a bat or glove, or even put on a baseball uniform in 2016, yet it was the most gratifying baseball season of his life.

The Cubs Hall of Fame second baseman attended very game of the 2016 postseason and basked in the glory of the franchise’s 108-year championship drought ending when the Cubs beat the Indians in the World Series.

I celebrated by being there, high-fiving all the fans around me, shed a few tears, Sandberg told Omnisport Tuesday. Then I went into the clubhouse, where the champagne was flying and then onto the field for some interviews in a complete downpour.

I was on with Al Roker and said, ‘Al, these are tears of joy from heaven.’

Ali Marpet Kids Jersey There’s a lot of good things that come with being young. You have more energy, you can eat what you want and still lose weight, and you have your entire life ahead of you to make mistakes and learn from them.

Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers and Braves second baseman Ozzie Albies have tons of time to make mistakes and get better. At the moment, though, the mistakes are far outweighed by the successes, and both young men had their share of success Thursday.

Albies tallied his first major league hit and he did so in emphatic fashion, smacking a three-run homer off of the Dodgers’ newly-acquired reliever Tony Cingrani in a 7-4 Braves loss. Devers, in the meantime, hit the third home run of his young career, a two-run shot off of White Sox starter Miguel Gonzalez in a 9-5 Red Sox win.

Both young men are 20. Albies was born in 1997. Feel old yet?