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Gordon Hayward Jersey hit the floor Tuesday night, and suddenly everything that was supposed to matter didn’t.

Six minutes into the season opener and there was Hayward, swiveling his body toward the Cavaliers’ bench, his ankle fractured, his foot twisted nearly 120 degrees, hanging limply off his leg. Referee Monty McCutchen immediately signaled a timeout as Cavs players seated on the bench recoiled, leaped to their feet and raced off the floor.

Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension drama looms, and with their defense struggling so much, his absence would put even more pressure on Dak Prescott. The ‘Boys need to get going after the bye or they can soon say goodbye to any big NFC hopes.

Joe Flacco is getting nothing done in the passing game, and when opponents shut down the Ravens’ running game early, there’s not much of a chance for them to be competitive. John Harbaugh’s team is in danger of a free-fall.

This is a trap game for the Panthers, but they already know that. They also have been more unfazed on the road with Cam Newton than reliable at home. Former Bear Julius Peppers and the rest of Carolina’s defense will be licking their chops to go after rookie Mitchell Trubisky. On the other side, Chicago can’t slow down rookie Christian McCaffrey.

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Nick Easton Jersey Players should be encouraged that there are more people who look like them in team leadership roles controlling football ops, but it’s a number nowhere near the proportion they represent in the league.